Best Danby Dehumidifier of 2017

Are you looking for a best dehumidifier for improving home comfort and health? The Dandy dehumidifier has a solution for you. People are familiar with this brand when they come up with the home comforts.

Dandy is the brand of home appliances owned by Dandy Product Ltd. The company takes charge of the largest market share of home appliance types in North America. However, Danby is not a manufacturer, and it is associated with other countries, like China, Mexico and the USA.

The company began to start its business in Montreal, Quebec in 1974, and it is expected that its annual amount of sales reach about 400 million dollars. The majority of sales come from the sale of domestic home appliances, such as microwave, dehumidifier and refrigerator.

It greatly prevents home from mold and mildew and improves home health. The precise dehumidifiers are equipped with much necessary features, such as automatic shut-off to avoid overspill, continuous drain option, and digital control panel.

Its user-friendly control panel offers an effortless way to realize its function. Meanwhile, the eco-friendly system ensures that it can be able to operate in a lower temperature, which effectively helps you save more energy and money.

I would like to introduce a few best Danby dehumidifiers to guide you to find the one that fits your needs perfectly.

Top Rated Danby Dehumidifiers

Danby DDR60A3GP

Danby DDR70B3WP

Danby DDR50B3WP

Danby 70 Pint with Pump

Danby DDR60B3WP

Danby DDR45B3WP

Danby DDR30B3WP

Danby DDR70A2GP

Danby Dehumidifiers Reviews

Danby DDR60A3GP


This machine offers the capacity of 60-Pint, double speed at removing moisture as well as beautiful style, which is worth purchasing for basements and rooms that aimed at removing excess moisture. The capacity can be capable of removing up to 60-Pint of moisture in a day and covering a total area of 3,600 square feet. No matter where you are intended to place, it can remove the unwanted moisture in your medium or slight large rooms. Besides, the unit has a 60-Pint bucket that affords 60-Pint water completely. It is really fantastic news for you because it is unnecessary to drop water frequently. But if you prefer to a lighter unit, you’d better to empty the bucket regularly.

Moreover, it can get rid of odour as the exchange of fresh air. As we known, the comfortable indoor environment is essential to our health. In addition, the bacteria easily thrive in the disgust air, especially in a damp condition. The dampness seasons contribute to mold and mildew. It is an indispensable unit that protects the wood furniture and floor in your room. The ease of removal feature is beneficial for eliminating extra moisture from the air. Plus, it can be capable of reaching an exact percent of moisture in your room.

Given to the unit’s capabilities and capacity, it is expected that energy efficient for its compact size. It owns energy star qualified and the additional saving energy cuts a few bucks on your monthly bill. Besides, this dehumidifier can use the indoor air circularly with pump feature. Compared to other dehumidifiers, it can save more energy in order to reduce a little money.

The greatest news is that the unit has two different continuous drain systems, the gravity and pumped are available in it and both them work well. You can operate it depend on what you need. The pumped unit has a 16′ hose and said to be capable of pumping the water 16′ vertically. The powerful feature can meet every need. However, the unit does not offer a totally noiseless condition. It is a little noise when it operates. But the allowable noise will not have impact your life. You can place it in basement and living room without worries.

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Danby DDR70B3WP


Dampness results from excess moisture that as the result of mold and mildew, which is harmful for wood furniture and floor in your home. Even, it has bad effect on your health. So it is bad for someone who decides to tolerate the dampness. With time passed, it is awful for your health as well as home’s structure. The Danby DDR70B3WP is an ideal unit for you.

First of all, it offers two years warranty. If there is any doubt or issue, you can feel free to call the customer service. Compared to other units your initial purchase price may be a little higher, but the additional cost may be spent well if the unit finishes all troubles during the first two years of ownership. The dehumidifier has a large capacity of 70 pint to allow to remove a great deal of moisture in a home. The unit works very well that can be able to cover an area of up to 4,500 square feet.

In addition, the unit qualified energy star that indicates it helps cut your monthly bill. That is really good news for someone who struggles for saving energy and money. The energy-effective features that the unit is popular among the residents. Further, the two fan speed ensures that quickly removes the extra moisture. Needless to say, the unit will create a bit of heat when it employs energy or electricity. Maybe it will offer a little warm for your room. So it will be good to apply it in a cool season. The four rolling caters allow you to move it from room to room. The feature eliminates a little trouble in order to move it from your basement to living room.

Nevertheless, the dehumidifier has a shortcut, though the unit can reach an ideal humidity depending on your setting, it does not automatically shut off. So it is a little inconvenient for you because you need turn it off by yourself. Expect the tiny shortage, the obvious advantages do helpful for you. It will greatly improve your room and protect your room’s structure.

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Danby DDR50B3WP


Are you looking forward to purchasing a compact dehumidifier for your room? The model is right for you with its small size, 11.8 x 16.1 x 24.2 inches. The powerful features can make sure good operation. The unit get a high rewards from many users to comfort you to buy it. I would like to share its pros and cons with you.

Adjustable humidity settings tell that exact percentage of moisture removal in size class. It allows the precise humidity reached depending on your setting. The feature is helpful for a large amount of people because different people hold different senses toward humidity. The capacity make sure that it is capable of removing up to 50 pint moisture and covering an area of 3,000 square feet depending on conditions. It is suitable for a medium or large space.

The unit is skilled at getting rid of bacteria and odour, which is beneficial for your health. You are no longer breathing the unhealthy air. At same time, the mold and mildew as the result of dampness, are taken away forever. From then, the wood furnish can be kept in a long time. Environmentally friendly is also an important factor in the unit. It will not pollute ozone layer when it works. In addition, it owns four easy-roll casters that allow you freely move it from your basement to living room. The auto de-icer features that the coil remains ice-free all the time. It is unnecessary to spend extra time to defrost the coil. Plus, the air filter can be removable aimed at cleaning it without troubles.

Though many positive features to this unit to point to than the negatives, the unit has a little of negatives. For instance, the unit does not work silently. It will emit a little noise when it works. However, you can pay attention to the noise only you focus on your ears. On the whole, the majority of dehumidifiers have this issue. If you can overlook the small defect, the unit is worthy of purchasing.

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Danby 70 Pint with Pump


This model also comes from the famous brand, Dandy. The large capacity help you clear up your worries with large space. Needless to say, the 70 pint dehumidifier can be able to remove a great of unwanted moisture and cover an area of 4,500 square feet. In addition, the pumped dehumidifier can use the energy repeatedly contribute to saving more energy and money. The more details can be seen below.

The 70 Pint ensures that it can easily remove a large amount of moisture in a day, but relying on the conditions. Meanwhile, it covers in an area up to 4,500 square feet, which is designed for a large space. The unit has a better feature that can be capable of avoiding the coil icing up in low temperatures, and it is built to withstand cool temperature. Besides, the cabinet is well designed for cleaning easily. The unit works quieter than other comparable sized units. You can hardly notice the noise that comes form the compressor. Meanwhile, the compressor can be able to quickly dehumidify basement and room through taking in energy and electricity.

However, there are some shortages can be found on comparable units. For instance, the collection tank will remain some water in it while using the pump or direct drain option. There is a huge trouble if you want to get rid of water in the tank completely. In fact, it does not matter for your life.

From the whole picture, the powerful features greatly improve humidity for basement and room. Although the unit is missing some obvious features, the unit effectively dehumidifies rooms with minimal supervision. And the capacity can be capable of getting rid of a large amount of unwanted moisture in a large room. The unit does help you upgrade your life and it is an ideal appliance for you.

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Danby DDR60B3WP


This is a portable dehumidifier with 11.8 x 16.1 x 24.2 inches dimensions and 38.8 weight, which only takes up a corner in your house. The unit can be capable of removing 60 Pint moisture in a day, and covering a staggering of up to 4,000 square feet depending on conditions. The two fan speeds ensure that it can reach a standard dehumidify in a short amount of time. Further, the unit is qualified by Energy Star, which ensures that it is amazingly energy efficient for its size.

The capacity of 60 Pint is sufficient for basement and rooms, but maybe it is not large enough for the tremendous house. It is normally that the unit protects a total area of 4,000 square feet in order to help you dehumidify your entire room or a large area. Besides, the two fan speed ensures that the indoor humidity does reach the ideal moisture in a short time.

The drain hose connection is easy to use, and it is standard garden hose in order to washing plants freely. The unique design can make sure water efficient. In addition, the user-friendly compressor keeps it operate quieter, but not silent. You can hear a few noise comes from it, but it has no big impact on your life.

The unit can be able to restart with the last setting if the power goes out. It is an obvious advantage than many of other units. Another special feature is the humidity setting alone. It can even measure the exact temperature and humidity in a home and then maintain the comfortable humidify for a long time.

In a word, it benefits your health and room condition. The unit gets rid of odour and bacteria and harvests a great deal of fresh air.

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Danby DDR45B3WP


This machine does perform very well in some important categories, such as energy efficiency, moisture removal, and others. The unit has10.9 x 15.2 x 19.7 inches dimensions and 32.4 pounds weight, which only takes up a very small corner in your room. The unit is significantly designed for medium basement or room. In addition, the two fan speeds served for quickly removing moisture to reaches an ideal humidity. Except the powerful features, the unit is certificated by Energy Star, which can save a few energy and money.

The capacity of 45 Pint aimed at getting rid of the excess moisture in 24 hours, and covering an area of up to 2,500 square feet relying on condition differences. It is quite suitable for basement and small room. Except of moisture removal, it can be capable of eliminating odour and bacteria. The improved environment is good for for your health, especially for baby and the elder. The fresh air brings a happy mood and wake up your mind. You can have a good rest while the unit in operation.

The four rolling caters allow that it moves from room to room. You can remove it from basement to living room without difficult. The two fan speeds offer a high speed of reaching ideal humidity, but a little noise will come while in operation. The fan is a little louder while it is working, but it not affect your life. So it will be good to place it in basement not bedroom. Or you can place it in your bedroom when you do not fall asleep.

In summarize, if you value the portability of the dehumidifier, the unit is quite good for you. If you only would like to choose a unit that remove excess moisture as quickly as possible, it is an excellent dehumidifier for you.

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Danby DDR30B3WP


This one combined with powerful features and surprising energy effectiveness. You will have the chance to improve your family’s health as well as get a high quality life with the dehumidifier. It has compact size with 10.9 x 15.2 x 19.7 inches dimension and 30.9 pounds weight, and it is suitable for basement and small room.

The capacity only allows it to remove 30 Pint moisture in a day and to cover a maximum are of 1,500 square feet. It is an ideal one for basement and small space. In addition, the low-temperature mode can be capable of reaching 41Degree. The temperature will go up so that the indoor environment will become warm. So it is suitable used in cool weathers. Furthermore, the unit comes with a feature that automatically restart, which ensures that the unit continuously works until it reaches a setting humidity. What you just do is set the exact humidity, the unit will follow your order to reach the moistness.

Besides, it can not only remove the excess moisture, but also get rid of bacteria and odour. That’s really good news for someone who is sick of uncomfortable air. According to the news, a large amount of bacteria is the result from dampness and it is harmful for people’s health. The majority of bacteria can be eliminated while the unit is working. The environmental friendly features that the unit will not destroy ozone layer when it works.

The automatic de-icing system indicates that the coil remains ice-free forever. It is unnecessary to spend much time on de-icing. The unit will automatically shut off as the tank is full. Meanwhile, the unit comes with a two year warranty and any breaks can be repaired freely during this period. Or if you have other confusions, you can feel relax to call the customer service.

I greatly recommend the unit to some potential buyers that focus on energy efficient as the priority in ultimately pushing their choice.

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Danby DDR70A2GP


This is the newest dehumidifier that comes from Danby. The capacity allows that the dehumidifier remove moisture up to 70 Pint, and covers a maximum area of 3,800 square feet. It is designed for a large room or basement. The unit is qualified with energy star, which indicates energy effectiveness and money saving. The unit offers a two year warranty, which is one of the dehumidifiers to have such a long warranty.

The detail dimension includes 23.59 inches for Top to Bottom, 15.25 inches for Side to Side and 12.19 inches for Front to Back. The unit is 51 pounds weight. Plus, the ease-roll casters can move it from basement to living room. The de-icer for low-temperature option is popular among many buyers. The de-icing system will make the coil ice-free always, which reduce the trouble from defrosting. The filter can be removed convenient for cleaning.

Although the unit is chiefly removing the unwanted moisture, it can also eliminate bacteria and odour. The indoor air is easily polluted by excess humidity and gas emitted from human beings. It is easily to produce bacteria and harm people’s health. The air can be improved greatly while the unit in operation.

The rolling casters allow that the unit can be moved from room to room without any difficulties. It is easy to move it from basement to bedroom. Furthermore, the compressor can quickly reach an ideal humidity without noise. A large number of people greatly pay attention to the powerful feature, because the unit nearly has no bad impact on their lives while in operation. The noise is too small to be noticed easily. In addition, the digital controlling panel meets each of your need. The user-friendly system provides an easy operation that you can choose different settings depend on what you really need.

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The above eight Danby dehumidifiers have their own specialties. I really hope that these introductions can guide you to find your right unit. But the Danby DDR70A2GP seems to significantly focus on humanity design that is the top priority among other dehumidifiers. So I strongly recommend the Danby DDR70A2GP for any potential purchasers. The unit offers a great opportunity to improve your health and room. It is an excellent gift for you family members and rooms.