Best Portable Dehumidifier of 2017

Are you looking for a best portable dehumidifier for your family? The dehumidifier does improve your health and air quality of your room. What is the most important factor that triggers you to buy the portable dehumidifier? For instance, it has stylish appearance, compact dimension and obvious feature. Do you feel confused when select a dehumidifier? The versatile dehumidifiers in the market do make you dazzling. Needless to say, if you really want to choose the right dehumidifier, you had better to take into account some aspects. I hope the below introductions can guide you to find what you want with ease.

Pictek Portable Dehumidifier


This machine is perfectly designed for a small room. The unit can be able to remove 500 milliliter moisture in 24 hours, which is quite suitable to be used in bathroom or other given small space.

It is accompanied with 14.4 x 9.1 x 6.6 inches dimension, and 5.3 pounds weight. So it is enough to place the unit in a small corner and it is easy to move it from room to room. And it has a built-in handle that is design to be used in wardrobe.

The unit can not only remove moisture out of the air, but also get rid of bacteria and odour effectively. It is beneficial for your breathing and home. The mold and mildew, as the result of dampness, will ruin wood furniture and floor at different levels. The Pictek is good designed to remove the excess moisture from the air.

An excellent feature of the unit is that it consumes very little energy with using its semiconductor function. Besides, the unit has an accessory plug and no need of buying batteries. It greatly saves your energy and money in the comparable sizes of dehumidifiers.

Meanwhile, the unit has no compressor design so that it works quietly. It can work continuously while you are falling asleep. The unit also offers a 12 month warranty and 30 days money back. If any breaks come from the unit during this period, the unit can be freely repaired.

Considering the design and feature, the unit is ideal for you. It is equipped with high quality and reasonable price. You will enjoy a comfortable environment with this model.

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EdgeStar Energy Star 30 Pint


This one can be capable of removing 30 Pint moisture in a day and covering an area of 1,500 square feet. The unit is compact but equipped with powerful features in order to make the unit suitable for your home. The versatile features are well-designed to improve your room environment.

The unit owns 10 x 14 x 20 inches dimension and 9 pounds weight, so it is ease of removal relying on how to line it up. The unit is quite suitable for basement or a small space. It can be moved from room to room without any troubles.

The capacity ensures that the unit can be capable of eliminating up to 30 Pint moisture in 24 hours. The excess moisture is flooded in rainy seasons, which has bad impact on wood floor and indoor environment.

The mold usually comes with over humidity and will ruin your home structure. Meanwhile, the excess humidity will pollute the air and breed a great deal of bacteria, which is bad for your breathing. The unit can get rid of the unwanted moisture and a large amount of bacteria.

Besides, the moist air can easily warm the indoor, so the dehumidifier makes indoor environment much cooler through removing humidity from the air. The energy star indicates that it saves a few bucks on your monthly bill.

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Whynter RPD-411WG


The Whynter RPD-411WG has the capability of getting rid of 40 Pint moisture in a day. It is well-designed for basement or small rooms. The portable design looks attractive so that appeals to a large amount of people.

The automatically restart and shutoff functions can make sure that the unit can work with minimal supervision. What you just do is set the control panel, and it will continually improve humidity in basement and room.

It offers a capacity of 40 pint that gets rid of the peak number of moisture in a day and covers an area of reach 2,500 square feet. In addition, the 10 pint removable water bucket reduces the troubles that spend much time on changing bucket. The water indicator with an automatic shut off alert, which indicates the water alert will remind you when the water tank is full.

On the one hand, the dehumidifier can effectively remove the unwanted moisture. On the other hand, it can work quiet with acceptable noise level below 50dBA. On the whole, it has nearly no impact on your daily life. The unit can continually work even if you place it in your bedroom.

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EdgeStar Energy Star 70 Pint


It is an upgrade model that comes from the brand of EdgeStar. It has the capacity of removing up to 70 pint moisture in a day, and protects an area of 4,500 square feet against dampness. And it adjusts humidity from 35-80% to reach an ideal humidity.

Besides, it will cool the temperature in the room when it removes the moist air. Moreover, it does eliminate bacteria and odour in order to offer a good environment for your family.

The automatic de-icing features that the coil remains ice-free always. Maybe it is a major feature that more people concern about. On the positive side, the EdgeStar comes with little noise while in operation. The notable advantage stands out among the comparable sizes of dehumidifiers. It has nearly no impact on your sleep even if you put it in your bedroom.

The automatic timer makes sure that it can start and stop automatically. The only thing that we can do is set the time depending on your demand. It will finish your order without supervision.

On the other hand, the EdgeStar is rated by Energy Star, so a few bucks can be removed from your monthly bill. That is very good news for you.

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Honeywell 70-Pint


The Honeywell dehumidifier allows dh70w operation, which is qualified by Energy Star. It easily reaches an ideal humidity with only a little energy. The perfect design is very popular among a large number of people.

It can be capable of eliminating 70 Pint moisture in 24 hours from basement to room. The excess moisture is flooded in heavy rainy seasons, which greatly ruins your wood structures and floor at different levels. This one has the capability of addressing the mold and mildew as the result of the unwanted moisture.

Furthermore, the digital control system makes sure that it senses the humidity and activates humidity by itself. The dehumidifier will reach a set humidity and remain the value with the control system.

In addition, the continuous drain option allows you to drain the dehumidifier by using a garden hose. The water tank can be able to collect 30 pint water and the ergonomic handle is designed to pour the collected moisture freely. The collected moisture can irrigate the plants in your garden, but it should not water the vegetables you eat or drink it.

The Honeywell is accompanied with rolling casters that can move it from basement to living room. It is quite suitable for a medium or large space. It obtains good reviews from a large number of purchasers.

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I hope that the above introductions can help you look for what you want. To be frankly, the Honeywell dehumidifier maybe the best one with much more advantages and little flaw. The dehumidifier offers good quality and rational price. Meanwhile, it gets a great large of good reviews from buyers. I believe that the Honeywell is the best one for your basement and room.